Things to do before IVF treatment

Things to do before IVF treatment

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Unfortunately, the general opinion in society; IVF treatment is 100% successful. Bahçeci Health Group Umut IVF Center Gynecology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ulun Uluğ explained the necessities and success rates before IVF treatment.
Many people who experience repeated IVF treatment and spontaneously become pregnant are witnessed. Even if the latest technological advances are used, IVF is not a definite method.
According to the American Association of Assisted Reproductive Therapists, the success rate of IVF is only 40%.
Before IVF treatmentBefore starting IVF treatment or making a decision, it should be investigated whether to become pregnant with simpler methods. If there is no sperm problem due to serious men, there is no need to try in young couples with normal ovulation functions. Ovulation enhancing methods or vaccination treatment can be achieved in a simpler, more cost effective way.
Ovulation enhancing treatment is to increase the number of eggs normally developing in women. For this, pills-like and sometimes needle-like drugs are used and more eggs are grown.
At a time to be determined by your doctor, the chance of becoming pregnant with your partner is increased naturally. Intrauterine insemination, which we call vaccination, makes sperm more intense and more mobile in the laboratory and injects it into the uterus of the woman. Here, the chances of pregnancy increase because more sperm is left in both the timing and the uterus. At the same time ovulation enhancing treatment is applied to increase the chance of success. Priority should be given as there are more simple and simple treatments than IVF treatments. In terms of numbers, success rates are 6% for each time in ovulation treatment and 18% for vaccination. Looking at these rates may be a bit of despair, but since they are simple methods and we think that they can be applied easily under any conditions, they should be at the forefront of the treatment algorithm. In the above-mentioned methods, the most important rule of success is patience. The point to remember; in some patients, many couples have babies with these methods without the need for IVF treatment.

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