Tricks for the kitchen for working mothers

Tricks for the kitchen for working mothers

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In the mothers returning to work after childbirth, an uneasiness arises that they cannot provide the attention they need to their children and this may turn into a stressful period for the mother. Noting the importance of mothers spending 6 months with their babies after birth Universal Çamlıca Hospital Child Health Specialist Contact Mine directly “The working mother is not a bad mother,” she said. “After completing the sixth month, the care of the baby can be continued with a family elder or well-referenced caregiver during the first 3 years of age. If these facilities are not available, nursery support is also available. This process will be facilitated by some plans and preparations to be made before starting work Çalış.

Mothers' Biggest Problem: Anorexic Children

Universal Çamlıca Hospital Child Health Specialist of the Universal Hospitals Group Mine Başıbüyük için In order to protect the health of the child, routine controls should not be interrupted since birth, vaccinations should be performed fully, hygiene should be paid attention, and healthy foods should be fed for the child. Although it is an occasional problem in every home, children's lack of appetite can be a major problem for working mothers. The child, who is separated from his mother all day long, may postpone the meal to satisfy his longing. In this case, the first thing to be done is to determine the cause of anorexia. Ask your child to note the amount and variety of nutrients they consume throughout the day and to observe their behavior while eating. The information you get will give you clues as to what the problem is. ”

Going Home Girmez Don't Fuss With Eating

Children who eat snacks all day long, eating junk food is often an appetite, noting that Dr. Başıbüyük yerine Instead of giving food to the child after coming home, first try to find some activities to calm him down by spending some time together. While you prepare food, you can draw with you, tell you something or even help you. Use forks and spoons, fancy paper napkins for children to attract the attention of the child. Place the dishes on the plate in a way that attracts attention. For example, place the salad or fruit in the form of a baby. ”

Kitchen Tips

One of the problems of working mothers living in the kitchen due to the fact that they can not spend a large time in the kitchen, referring to the Universal Hospitals Group Universal Çamlıca Hospital Child Health Specialist. Mine Basibuyu, tricks to solve this problem easily conveys.

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