Suggestions to comfort working mothers

Suggestions to comfort working mothers

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Today, women are as active as men in business life. While trying to contribute to the family budget, women who want to fulfill the task of motherhood and companionship in the family in the most accurate way, can be psychologically tired. Especially mothers with small children can question themselves by feeling guilty, as they have to leave their children to carers or their relatives. Mothers who are worried about how to take care of their children and want to be successful in business can feel deadlocked from time to time. Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen shares her views on the subject.

Problems experienced by working mothersPsychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, who stated that perfectionist mothers live the most problems among working mothers, continues to convey her opinions with these words: “Working mothers live a life between businesswoman and motherhood roles. One of the most common problems of a working mother is; who will take care of their child and how. It may be necessary to get support from family elders such as carers or grandmothers, but this support is not enough to comfort the mother. Because mothers think that they can take care of their children best. This may cause the working mother to come and go. Another problem that causes the mother to feel that she cannot do anything is the guilt she feels for not giving enough time to the child. The mother, who constantly tries to get the hearts of the child, often receives gifts for her child. Another of the problems that will force the working mother most is that the responsibilities assumed in the family and work life become physically and mentally destructive. In such cases, the working mother may encounter some unfortunate problems in her career or an unhappy picture at home. ”
Suggestions to comfort working mothersPsychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, who stated that being a working mother is not a problem when the balance between work and family is established, lists the suggestions to ease working mothers as follows:
- Keep in mind that some situations may develop beyond your control. Stop trying to control everything in your home and work life. - Think about your successes as much as you see the issues you have difficulty in succeeding. - Don't forget that you're the one who thinks most about your child in this life. Do not doubt that you are a good mother.- Take advantage of the sense of longing. Create special events on holidays with your child, longing.

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